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We Specialize in Custom: Slicing, Cutting, Grinding, Lapping, Laser Micro-machining, and Bonding of Vitreous Materials. Magnetic Arts also carries a wide variety of magnets, magnetic materials, and magnetic parts. All of which can be custom machined to your specifications.


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Arthur Devine, ScD, a professional tool and die maker branched out on his own in 1969 to start Magnetic Arts Corporation. It wasn't long before his reputation in precision grinding and innovations in magnetic head manufacturing landed several exclusive orders for glass bonded cores for recording heads used in tape and hard drives. In the years that followed he developed a plethora of processes for grinding, slicing, polishing and glass bonding essential to volume production of these cores.

By 1975 fifty employees were turning out 50,000 head cores per week. As the disk drive technology evolved, Magnetic Arts matched each new requirement, producing cores that enabled the highest recording density available at the time. 

In 1989 the technology was sold to Impremis Division of Control Data Corp. (Later Seagate Technology).  Doctor Devine formed Advanced Recording Technologies, Inc. (A-R-T), and embarked on the use of laser technology to align and reduce the track width of recording heads. The laser technology was incorporated into the manufacturing of precision tape recording heads to be used by Digital Equipment Corp.

A-R-T then readapted the name Magnetic Arts as a Division that distributed magnets and ferrites. In addition to selling a large variety of industrial magnets and ferrites, this division developed a magnetic health product line, consisting of magnetic beads, clasps for healthy jewelry, and a therapeutic patch (Mag Patch™).

Precision Laser Micromachining soon became the main focus of Advanced Recording Technologies. The marriage of precision grinding, lapping and laser micromachining gained a unique niche for A-R-T in the micro fabrication technology field.

The skills that enabled the precision laser micromachining were applied to other products, resulting in an automated orifice cutter for the Honeywell Corp., a precision micromachining station which automatically trimmed track widths to 20 Micro-inches accuracy and a precision mask cutter now used for the Gemini 8 Meter telescope in Hawaii.

The development of a device to detect the act of Graffiti spawned a new Corporation called Traptec. This device is currently undergoing field test evaluation.

In 1999 Arthur Devine was awarded a Doctor of Science degree honoring his work in metallurgical and vitreous bonding for metal-in-gap recording heads. This achievement helped make possible the present gigabyte storage capacities of magnetic disk drives.

Some of the side developments at A-R-T were an electric power generator that operated on low grade land fill methane gas, a flue gas separator that removed contaminants from flue gas by using the nucleation of water vapor (patent granted), various ferrite/glass bonding processes and the fabrication of laser processed diamond burnishing surfaces.

A-R-T has had a number of contracts and consulting relationships over the years involving major corporations. These include Hughes Aircraft, Digital Equipment, National Cash Register, Control Data, Seagate Technologies, Ampex, Applied Magnetics, National Micronetics, Phasemetrics, Ventrica Inc., Spin Physics, Iomega and Sperry Univac.


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