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We Specialize in Custom: Slicing, Cutting, Grinding, Lapping, Laser Micro-machining, and Bonding of Vitreous Materials.

Magnetic Arts also carries a wide variety of magnets, magnetic materials, and magnetic parts. All of which can be custom machined to your specifications.




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Ceramic Block Magnets come in many different sizes and shape, Square, rectangle, etc. Disc of course are round and thick.

They are all magnetized through the thickness. See Magnetization.




Ceramic Magnet Bar Set, unpolished, set of 6, 1.500"L x 0.375"W x 0.280"T




Ceramic Magnet Brick, 10.625"L 3.500"W x 3.000"T

Caution: This magnet is the largest and strongest magnet we have.

Note: These brick magnets are from surplus. They all have some chips or cracks. They are being sold as is.

This item CANNOT be shipped by Flat Rate Box. It is too big and it's too strong. It will only be shipped by UPS.




Domino Magnet Set of 6

Ceramic Magnet Domino, 1.860"L x 0.865"W x 0.385"T




Ceramic Plate Magnet

Ceramic Magnet Plate , 6.850"L x 4.00"W x 0.625"T

Caution: Very strong magnet.




Ceramic Disc Magnets, Small, 12/set

Ceramic Magnet Disc , Small, Set, in set of 12, each 0.709"D x 0.198"T




Ceramic Disc Magnets, Medium, 12/set

Ceramic Magnet Disc, Medium, Set, in set of 12, each 1.000"D x 0.250"T




Polished Bar Magnets, 6/set

Polished Ceramic Bar Magnet Set, set of 6, each 1.500"L x 0.375"W x 0.280"T




Polished Ceramic Mini  Bar Magnet

Polished Ceramic Mini Bar Magnet Set, set of 12, each 0.729"L x 0.379"W x 0.193"T





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