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We Specialize in Custom: Slicing, Cutting, Grinding, Lapping, Laser Micro-machining, and Bonding of Vitreous Materials. Magnetic Arts also carries a wide variety of magnets, magnetic materials, and magnetic parts. All of which can be custom machined to your specifications.


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Magnetic Arts is a distributor of magnets and magnetic products. We sell: neodymium magnets, medical magnets, and industrial magnets.

Magnetic Arts also manufactures products using magnets and other nonmagnetic materials such as Medical Magnets for pain relief (Magnetic Therapy), Mag Patch™, Magnet Assemblies (Ring Magnets, RB's, Hangers, etc.) for tools and many other home & garden uses.

Magnetic Arts specializes in the Custom Machining of magnetizable Materials, Ferrites, and Ceramic Materials. We are well known for our machining abilities in: lapping, gapping, cutting, slicing, grinding, bonding, and laser micro-machining of vitreous materials. We also have unique Polished Magnets for educational purposes and hobbies & crafts.

Magnetic Arts has been doing business since 1969 in the same Location. Our founder and President, Arthur Devine, Sc.D. has received Awards for his inventions and innovations. He is known as "the father of the gigabyte recording head" for his pioneer work in developing computer hard drives. Art is ready to Consult with your staff on the design of a new project or to help solve problems with a current project.

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