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We Specialize in Custom: Slicing, Cutting, Grinding, Lapping, Laser Micro-machining, and Bonding of Vitreous Materials.

Magnetic Arts also carries a wide variety of magnets, magnetic materials, and magnetic parts. All of which can be custom machined to your specifications.



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"I have had arthritis pain in my knees for years. After using Mag Patch for only one hour, the pain began to go away. The longer I use it, the more pain relief I get."
Tova G., rheumatoid arthritis suffer

"Every day I use Mag Patch on by lower back, I'm not bothered by the pain. I can do a full days work without taking pain pills."
Ron D., low back injury

"My pain has eased in many ways & I now seem to be able to tackle one major project per day. Something I haven't been able to do in a long time."
Judy N., fibromyalgia sufferer

"I had severe pain in my left Achilles tendon. About 2 hours after putting the Mag Patch on, the pain was completely gone."
Steffen M., sports injury

"I am 85 years young and have had arthritis in the back of my neck for the past 16 years. I take care of 20 acres and when I get to hurting too bad, I come in, put on the magnet, and take a nap. Then I can go back to work without pain."
Jack C., arthritis sufferer

"My husband has to take lots of medication, so using the magnets eliminates the need to take more pills when he has shoulder pain. When I forget my magnet, I feel the pain in my hand from arthritis."
Dr. & Mrs. C.D.W., arthritis suffers


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