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Pro-Magna Oil Filter Magnet


Motor Trend
#1 Automotive Authority

Motor Trend Cover

"Metal shavings can be the death of your engine… avoid the trouble and expense of engine damage. Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet….It sticks to the wall of the filter and traps metal particles as they travel through. Add a new one each time you change oil."


Aftermarket Business

After Market Cover

“Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet: Editor’s Choice – Best New Product of 1999. “…the concept is brilliant. Just drop the magnet inside the filter whenever it’s changed and your engine will be better for it. This prevents friction and premature engine wear.”


LowRider Magazine

Low Rider Cover

"The Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet is an inexpensive product that extends the life of the internal combustion engines. The Magnet’s Ceramic V magnet attracts and traps micro-fine metal particles generated during engine operation before they can be recalculated in the oil, thus making any oil filter a super filter.”


Powerline, the Official Source of the Hot Rod Power Cub

Powerline Cover

"The Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet attracts and traps micro-fine particles that are generated during normal engine operation…prevents these particles from re-circulating into the oil and through the engine…can turn any oil filter into a super filter, thus extending engine life, improving fuel economy and preserving horsepower."


Dr. Art D

“I am the original owner of a 1992 Nissan Pickup Track, CA, 4 WD Manual Transmission. The current odometer reading is 101,917 miles.

California Law requires an Enhanced Emissions Control Test at least every two years, and also annually, for certain vehicles known to have a “HEP” – High Emitter Profile, such as this particular vehicle model. Accordingly, attached are the four most recent Test Certifications beginning in 1999, the first which was prior to the installation of the Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet, which has been used since 2000. The original ignition cables are still in place after 15 years and there were no engine repairs or spark plug replacement made since the 60,000 mile service of 10-15-98 preceding the 12-29-99 Smog Test .See test data here: Smog Check Date from 1999 - 2005

Before Installing the Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet
Although my truck passed this test in 1999, it was a marginal HEP. HC, unburned fuel, was 109-121 ppm – three to six times more than the average based on 15 & 25 mph speeds.

Carbon Monoxide – four to six times more (0.57-0.59%)

Nitrous Oxide – three to 5.7 times more (596-1258 ppm)

After Installing the Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet
HC Unburned Fuel – four to 38+ times less (0-9 ppm)

Carbon Monoxide – 15+ times less (0-0.02%)

Nitrous Oxide – 100+ times less (0-18 ppm)

One would speculate that the catalytic burner contributed to such outstanding results. Apparently it did not do anything for me in 1999. Total fuel combustion as a direct result of having the Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet in contact with the circulating oil is an astonishing achievement for realizing maximum engine performance and economy.

Today, my motor has more than 100,000 miles and has never consumed more than one quart of oil for more than 3,000 miles and typically will go 7,000 miles between oil changes since using the Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet. A recently dissected oil filter appears virtually new. The total residue – 4 cmm – is comparable to a grain of rice.

I am personally convinced to hereafter leave the filter in for 20,000 miles and drive 10,000 miles between oil changes, on only two quarts. This is the proof of a good motor.

For a better energy future, may this goal become everyone’s goal.”


Lawrence H
1998 Mercury Sable GS

"I have a 1998 Sable with 105,000 miles and have been using the Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet in my engine for the last 75,000 miles. Before using it, the oil was black sludge after 4,000 miles and needed to be changed. Since using the oil filter magnet, my oil is dark amber, but clean after 7,000-10,000 miles when I change it. I have increased my miles per gallon by approximately five percent, have fewer oil changes and a cleaner engine. I wouldn’t think of changing my oil without the oil filter magnet.”


Richard D
1997 Ford Escort

"When I first heard of the Ceramic Oil Filter Magnet, I thought to myself, “what a great idea, putting the magnet on the inside of the filter and not around the outside.” I’ve used it since then in my 1997 Ford Escort. The oil stays cleaner longer and with 127,000 miles on the engine, I seem to be getting better miles per gallon. After examining the magnet after an oil change and filter change, I am convinced it is collecting ferrous and non-ferrous particles from the oil. It is very cost effective! I will continue to use the oil filter magnet in my engine as long as I am driving."


Product Disclosure: Customers of Pro-Magna, may experience different results due to vehicle age, maintenance, usage, driving conditions and driver habits. Pro-Magna does not guarantee that users will experience a certain percentage of savings.




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